What is sex?

Today in a facebook group, someone posted this topic.  What is sex, what is virginity?

Of course, for an adult, this is on the surface an absurd, juvenile question.  It reminds me of my teenage years, when us young folks would practice cunni and fellatio and call ourselves ‘technical virgins’.  ha.

However, perhaps as we grow older and mature sexually, the question changes, and as ever, challenges our self-image.  The questions change, and become more complex.

What is sex?  What is love?  What is fucking?  Where is the line?

What sex do I like?  Do I want to brutally take her?  Do I caress her softly?  Do I kiss her on the lips before a sharp whipping?

One of my most valuable lessons came after asking myself the question:  how do I know, when to make love to her tenderly, and when to fuck her brains out?

Time passed, and the answers, I found, came out of only one source.


And instinct.

To trust myself, and back myself.  What to say, what to do, how to act.  Action in the presence of a woman.  Hardness and softness.  All of it.  Intuition and instinct.

I think this is something born within every man, but it takes longer to cultivate.  When I think about it, I disparage every piece of “relationship advice” for men I read.  It’s rubbish.  It misses the point.  We should not be giving them answers to trivial relationship problems, we should be cultivating masculine power.

Forget all you read.  Throw out all the “6 steps to looking sexy” articles.

Listen to your body.

Feel it in your cock and balls.

Watch what her body is telling you.

This is sex.

It is the moment when she opens in your presence.  And then you strike.  And you penetrate.

After a while, physical sex is a joyful play.  Orgasms become trivial.

Deep penetration… ah now.  That’s what I am looking for.

Cumming so hard your back breaks in half.  Do you yearn for your body to stretch to shreds?

Piercing her mind with words.  Do you yearn to be driven mad with invading thoughts?

Shattering her heart with songs.  Do you want your chest to burst?

Melting into her soirit with endless cum.  Do you want your soul to be pierced with light?

This is sex.  It is not a random set of ideas, definitions, orgasms.  It is penetration that shatters all that once was, what made you who you were.  It leaves your body limp and lifeless, gasping for breath.  Your body emerging, sweating heat, blood filled with cum.  Yes, sex that destroys you and forces your world to change.  That is sex.