Us men carry a secret.

Deep down we’re scared.

It’s a faint, niggling fear.  It happens every time we speak to a woman.  In particular, that powerful, sexually overwhelming woman.  You know the one.  The one with the poise, the swagger in her hips.  The one who can tear us apart with her brutal, destructive sexual force.  Her limbs, her beautiful red lips, and her penetrating eyes.  She is engorged with luscious, burning desire.

We fear that we will be devoured by her fiery essence.

That is the foundation of sexual cultivation.  It builds the centre of your masculine power.  With it, you can stand in your power, effortless, unmoving.  A strength that you know you should hold as a man.  The one that we all pose, that poise we pitch in overcompensation.  Yes, that visceral bastion of strength, the one you know she respects.

That is why we need to practice this.  As men.