Grief is the doorway to a man’s feelings — Robert Bly

Grief is the place from which this piece is written.  What is important is the idea that every man reaches rock bottom, every man reaches breaking point.  This is essential for who we are as men.

Grief then, is essential to connection, to touch who we really are.

It guides us on a path of deeper understanding, showing us the nuances of ourselves that we run away from.  In grief, we connect with our pain, fear, sadness, joy and love.  From the ashes of grief we rise, we blossom, we stand tall and we expand.  From there we take action, and we build.  We move, we nurture, we conquer and we grow.  We stride forward from the thunder in our chest.  This is what makes a man powerful.

But all of this, only if he crumbles into his own grief.  A man’s true power lies in his weakness.

And what a bottomless chasm of despair.  Loss, loneliness and mortality.  Lessons, all, in humility.  Until we as men connect to this pain, we are trapped in a space of arrogance and disconnection.  The slings and arrows of a painful life teaches us to be humble.

And this is where this piece is written.  Merely the first few steps out of grief.  Watch and observe the energy change.