Let us go a step deeper now, and ask a different question.  Just a subtle shift.

What is the most beautiful part of a woman?  That one that delves deep into her soul and her spirit?  What penetrates into all layers of her consciousness?

There is but one answer.

Her orgasm.

A quick story:

Once upon a time, I met a woman.  I touched her.  And she came.  And in that moment she became the most beautiful woman in the world.  When she is awash with the erotic energy, every woman drops into an ocean of immense grace and beauty.

And thus, I learnt a deep, beautiful truth about the feminine.  A woman’s orgasm does not lie solely in her flesh.

Through the right words and speech, she can cum in her mind.

Through the right warmth, heat and love, she can cum in her soul.

And armed with this truth, we cultivated a deeper, more blissful orgasm, every day.

And oh, what a sight.

Her heart, her dormant fire, began to expand.  Potent embers soon erupted into the depths of her limbs.  When a woman comes from within, it expands outwards into her body.

What a thing to behold.

Heat becomes hunger, stillness begins to shake.

Into her chest.

Into her spine.

Into her thighs.

Into her limbs.

Into her spine.

Into her throat.

Into her screams.

And where, do you think, all of this originates?

Yes.  My beloved small of the back.

Right there, I have a way into her mind, heart and soul.  If I see her body move, if she breathes deeply, I will know.

To be continued.