There is the point where it all implodes.

A thing to behold:

That moment when she curls up, reeling from the burst of emotion.  Orgasmic energy throbbing down her limbs.  Pressing into her chest, soft sobbing begins to seep up, tears sparkling in soft candlelight.  There we go.  Fucking beautiful.

There is a point when it all comes out.  Every woman reaches a point when she comes, deeper and harder than she thought possible.  Her body and her soul opens unleashing a storm.  Through her tears she quenches an ancient, longing thirst.

This leads us to a beautiful truth about the feminine:

Every woman is in pain.

It is a pain that goes deeper than the reach of any brutal force or cold analysis.  It is something wrapped inside her, around her spine. engulfing her chest.  But it is not something to be feared.  This is a beautiful pain.

It emerges when she feels that hunger.

To be loved and cherished.

To blossom.

To feel.

To touch.

And yes, to be ravished.

She feels it in anticipation, and in deep harmony.  It comes during times of loss, despair and fear.  It groans in her sex, screaming in her thrill.  It drives into her skin with touch.  It deepens with burning love.

Yes, pain, pleasure and love, intricately entwined in this ethereal dance.

And from this, we find the next step in delicious life, love and sex.

The 8th way is to fuck her with deep compassion.

Compassion, as I see it, is my ability to understand your pain.  To feel it.  To embody it.  It is the doorway to spirit.

There is the way I will reach out and touch you.  It envelopes the other 7 ways.  It wraps around our limbs, across our skin, and binds myself into you.

Yes, this is how I can hold you, take you and claim you.  This will draw me to you.  It will drive me into you.

But you are the one who must invite me.

You must let it happen.

And here is my invite to you, and every woman on the planet.

What will make me come to a woman is not her sex, nor her elegance, nor her strength, nor her brilliant intelligence.   It is her openness.  How prepared she is to feel that groan, that pain.  Feel it, and express it.  That is the key.

Do this, and I will know.

Yes, this is a woman that feels deeply.

Yes, she engulfs herself in an ocean of love and passion.

Yes, this is the one.

And thus, you become a thing to behold.

A beautiful creature, curled up, reeling from the burst of catharsis.

Fucking beautiful.