A woman’s sex is all mental.  Everything lies in her experience.  In her immersion.  When her body, her soul, her spirit is engulfed in a wave of crashing ecstasy.  Warm, warped, heated, burnt.  Sear her skin with a burning fire and all things change.  Everything changes.

Do not focus on the physical, the technique.  All of your actions are whispers.  What is essential is the sharpness of intent.  Raw, brooding action.  And reaction.  A man’s movement is to be an expression of compassionate, as well as passionate, force.

7 ways to fuck a woman’s mind, in no particular order

  1. Softly, sweetly.  Almost serene.  For all her thorns and daggers, every woman holds a fragile part.  She hides it, for fear of finding herself vulnerable.  Caress her, whisper into her ear.  Softer than the faintest, gentlest touch.  Tender words whispered in her ear.  More than just words.  A sweet song, embers; roaring heat drifting from a fire into her ear.
  2. Assertive.  A delicate, yet crude dance.  A hand wrapping around her hips and turning her front towards you.  A softness and a firmness.  Care taken whilst taking what you want.
  3. Swiftly.  A firm grip that pulls her backwards and penetrates her in a whirlwind of motion.  Footholds lost, hips a swinging fulcrum.  Vapours of a gasp disappearing in a flash of movement.  A jolt, a shake.  Sharp, sudden. piercing.
  4. Slowly, strongly.  Firm hands digging into limbs.  A tight grip pinning down wrists.  Slow, forceful movements.  Contemplative.  Deliberate.  Thumbs pressing into soft thighs.  Hips open like hinges.  Complete presence in the stillness.
  5. Painfully.  Cruel nails grinding down the sides of her ribs.  Gripping onto the bone of her hips.  Digging into the soft flesh of her waist.
  6. Animalistic.  A deep, unconscious rhythm from deep in the spine.  Rising to the surface.
  7. Lovingly.  Penetrating, a thunder of emotion crunching through the eyes.

My girl.