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So, I stumbled on this article.

A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Play

Fabulous piece.  Very instructive and covers all of the major practical points.  I wanted to expand on it, and go into the psychology of it.  When it comes to fucking a woman’s mind, there’s sex, then there’s anal sex.

So,  why anal sex?  It’s not designed for it, after all.

Quite simply, there are few things more powerful than fucking a woman up her ass.

Do it well.  Do it safely.  Fine the right mix of hardness and softness.

What you will find is that every that is already good in a relationship will be amplified.

Intimacy and Love

Intimacy and love with anal sex?  Yes, absolutely.  When it comes to her rear end, many woman are virgins.  So, it is absolutely important to take care of her.  Trust.  Gentleness.  Desire.  If it’s already there, great.  You’ll find a lot more of it now.

Pain and Pleasure

Try something for a moment.  Grab one of your thumbs with the other hand, and squeeze.  Hard.  Notice how it feels.  This is a good pain.  This is the kind pain we want, as opposed to, say, a papercut.  When it feels like this, your pain and pleasure comes together.  That is why those deep-tissue massages feel so fantastic.  You want her ass to feel the same:  sore and happy.

So, let’s just treat anal sex just like a really great massage.  Prepare her so that she gets used to touch.  Use lubricant so that everything flows freely.  If she feels pain, her muscles have stretched too quickly, or it is too rough.  Slow down, take your time and find your rhythm.

Soon enough, she’ll begin to feel a different pain.  A good pain.

Dominance and Surrender

Generally there are three kinds of sex:  deep and emotional; pure and immersive; hard and powerful.  Anal sex amplifies the third.  If a woman loves fuck-my-brains out sex, she is ready to be fucked up the ass.  It is a brutal way to penetrate a woman, and is only possible if she is willing to surrender.  Make her beg for it.  Make her say please.

Taboo and Risk

Let’s face it.  Anal sex is taboo.  Anal sex is risky.


Taking a sexual taboo – and breaking it – is for the bedroom.  When a woman is turned-on, she is a completely different person.  Fuck taboos.  If she is horny enough, she won’t care.

Sexual risk is also welcome, as long as it is managed.  With some precautions, safety will never be compromised.

Emotion and Fantasy

Anal sex can be deeply emotional.  Penetrating her in a way unlike any other.  It is something she has fantasised about.  She has watched porn-stars do it.  For a woman to want to get fucked up the ass, she must feel an immense level of intimacy, trust and safety.  It’s easy for her to relax in that space.

So, final thoughts.  Obviously, there is much more to anal sex than just this.  You’ll find out.  Get good lube, condoms, a buttplug and take a lot of time.  Anal sex is awesome.  If you remember that her sex is mental, it gets even better.


just smile

smile at me

smile when you are happy

smile when you see me

smile when i comfort you

smile when you pause

smile when i look at you

smile when we sit at the table


smile when i touch you

smile when i feel you

smile when i pierce your eyes

smile when i slide fingers across your skin

smile when you are tense

smile and hold your breath


and now smile




when i….


just smile

We live in a time when people are generally uncomfortable with the Warrior form of masculine energy – and for good reasons.  Women are especially uncomfortable with it, because they have often been the most direct victims of it in its shadow form… This is the age in the West of the “soft masculine”, and it is a time in which radical feminists raise loud and hostile voices against the Warrior energy.  — Robert Moore, “The Warrior”, King Warrior Magician Lover, p75

Meet my shadow warrior.

It is the part of me that takes action, the part that moves without thinking.  It understand the aggression and brutal force that is required to do what is done.  Its edge is sharpened, senses heightened.  Ready to move, to strike.  To cut.  To kill.

My Warrior is alive within me.

And so is my Shadow Warrior.

Tainted by the pain of my forefathers, my rage forces me towards destruction.

He lives inside me.  I own him.  My discipline holds him back from the brink.

Meet my Shadow Warrior.

He is a sadist, a power of unflinching cruelty.  He is driven by pain and by hate.  He is born from a place devoid of joy and love.   He wants to crush what is lovely and delicate.  He has the desire to conquer only to devastate.  He hungers to torture his victims before death.  He takes and he devours.  He craves hot blood.

He is meticulously trained.

He stalks the night.

He drives the knife in the dark.

But do not mistake him for his brother.

The Warrior in his glory.  They are so, so similar.

Both take action without mercy.  One is driven by fear, the other by excitement.

Both cut deeply for their interests.  One to destroy, the other to protect.

Both can penetrate with overwhelming force.  One to devastate, the other to liberate.

Meet my shadow warrior.

And see his brother reflecting in his eyes.



The ancient game.  Elemental and powerful.  Fluid and graceful.

To find a woman.  To watch her.  Move towards her.  Penetrate her.  Tear her apart.  To devastate her.

This is the old way of doing things.  Power wielded with brutal selfishness.

But there is another.

And it lies in paradox.


To find a woman.  But not just any woman.  One who is firm, graceful and passionate.  She knows the game, the same paradox.

To watch a woman.  Because it is intriguing.  There is a lightness, a lightfulness, a seductiveness.  I cannot take my eyes away.

To move towards her.  Being drawn to her energy.  I am compelled.  I am forced by a power beyond my own.

To penetrate her.  Rapture her fantasies with compelling presence.  Engaging her mind.  Reflecting the intrigue she stirs in me.

To tear her apart.  The eternal game.  Strained to the sinews, between longing and anticipation.  Bones burn inside the heat.

And to devastate her.  Losing my own mind inside her.  Lost in the blinding light, melting in mutual fires.


Of conquest, and seduction.


She already has done it to me.

There is the paradox.

There are many ways to grab a woman.  All of them different, and unique.

In no particular order:

  1. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, pull her head back as she sits, lean down and kiss her.
  2. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, pull her body into you, hold her body, and kiss her.
  3. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, pull her down to her knees, and open her lips.
  4. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, pull her down onto all fours, and make her crawl onto the bed.
  5. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, push into her back, and melt into the front of her chest.
  6. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, pull her spine around into an inverted bend.
  7. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, hold her shoulders and pull her back while you thrust forward.
  8. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, hold her head in place, and drill her powerfully while driving into her eyes.
  9. Grab a woman’s hair at the nape, with both hands, and tear her apart as she peaks.
  10. Grab a woman.  Hold her, caress her, and kiss her.  Let her drift off to sleep.

Let us go a step deeper now, and ask a different question.  Just a subtle shift.

What is the most beautiful part of a woman?  That one that delves deep into her soul and her spirit?  What penetrates into all layers of her consciousness?

There is but one answer.

Her orgasm.

A quick story:

Once upon a time, I met a woman.  I touched her.  And she came.  And in that moment she became the most beautiful woman in the world.  When she is awash with the erotic energy, every woman drops into an ocean of immense grace and beauty.

And thus, I learnt a deep, beautiful truth about the feminine.  A woman’s orgasm does not lie solely in her flesh.

Through the right words and speech, she can cum in her mind.

Through the right warmth, heat and love, she can cum in her soul.

And armed with this truth, we cultivated a deeper, more blissful orgasm, every day.

And oh, what a sight.

Her heart, her dormant fire, began to expand.  Potent embers soon erupted into the depths of her limbs.  When a woman comes from within, it expands outwards into her body.

What a thing to behold.

Heat becomes hunger, stillness begins to shake.

Into her chest.

Into her spine.

Into her thighs.

Into her limbs.

Into her spine.

Into her throat.

Into her screams.

And where, do you think, all of this originates?

Yes.  My beloved small of the back.

Right there, I have a way into her mind, heart and soul.  If I see her body move, if she breathes deeply, I will know.

To be continued.


There is nothing more beautiful than watching a woman surrender.


The only thing that compares is the moment before she gives in.  The pain, the struggle, the resistance to the imminent unfolding.  What is this pain?  It is the fear of crumbling, crying, the destruction of the pillars of consciousness, held up by pillars of reason.  Rational shields held up against the hot storms of irrational, overwhelming forces.

It is always so vivid.  The crux.  When the sinews of resistance have melted away in cauldron of sex doubt.  Sanity held in place by the fingernails of a fierce gorgon.  Holding, biting, scratching, digging its claws against the terror.  This is the essence of a woman’s surrender.

An elegant, violent dance between the bite of fear and the beauty of love.  Through that gate, a woman must pass.

Her mind will fight it.  Her willpower.  Her grasps for independence.

But her spirit will yearn for it.  Her sex will churn for it.  Her passion will squeal for it.

Surrender.  The ultimate, and most devastating of orgasms.

To be continued.

There is the point where it all implodes.

A thing to behold:

That moment when she curls up, reeling from the burst of emotion.  Orgasmic energy throbbing down her limbs.  Pressing into her chest, soft sobbing begins to seep up, tears sparkling in soft candlelight.  There we go.  Fucking beautiful.

There is a point when it all comes out.  Every woman reaches a point when she comes, deeper and harder than she thought possible.  Her body and her soul opens unleashing a storm.  Through her tears she quenches an ancient, longing thirst.

This leads us to a beautiful truth about the feminine:

Every woman is in pain.

It is a pain that goes deeper than the reach of any brutal force or cold analysis.  It is something wrapped inside her, around her spine. engulfing her chest.  But it is not something to be feared.  This is a beautiful pain.

It emerges when she feels that hunger.

To be loved and cherished.

To blossom.

To feel.

To touch.

And yes, to be ravished.

She feels it in anticipation, and in deep harmony.  It comes during times of loss, despair and fear.  It groans in her sex, screaming in her thrill.  It drives into her skin with touch.  It deepens with burning love.

Yes, pain, pleasure and love, intricately entwined in this ethereal dance.

And from this, we find the next step in delicious life, love and sex.

The 8th way is to fuck her with deep compassion.

Compassion, as I see it, is my ability to understand your pain.  To feel it.  To embody it.  It is the doorway to spirit.

There is the way I will reach out and touch you.  It envelopes the other 7 ways.  It wraps around our limbs, across our skin, and binds myself into you.

Yes, this is how I can hold you, take you and claim you.  This will draw me to you.  It will drive me into you.

But you are the one who must invite me.

You must let it happen.

And here is my invite to you, and every woman on the planet.

What will make me come to a woman is not her sex, nor her elegance, nor her strength, nor her brilliant intelligence.   It is her openness.  How prepared she is to feel that groan, that pain.  Feel it, and express it.  That is the key.

Do this, and I will know.

Yes, this is a woman that feels deeply.

Yes, she engulfs herself in an ocean of love and passion.

Yes, this is the one.

And thus, you become a thing to behold.

A beautiful creature, curled up, reeling from the burst of catharsis.

Fucking beautiful.

A woman’s sex is all mental.  Everything lies in her experience.  In her immersion.  When her body, her soul, her spirit is engulfed in a wave of crashing ecstasy.  Warm, warped, heated, burnt.  Sear her skin with a burning fire and all things change.  Everything changes.

Do not focus on the physical, the technique.  All of your actions are whispers.  What is essential is the sharpness of intent.  Raw, brooding action.  And reaction.  A man’s movement is to be an expression of compassionate, as well as passionate, force.

7 ways to fuck a woman’s mind, in no particular order

  1. Softly, sweetly.  Almost serene.  For all her thorns and daggers, every woman holds a fragile part.  She hides it, for fear of finding herself vulnerable.  Caress her, whisper into her ear.  Softer than the faintest, gentlest touch.  Tender words whispered in her ear.  More than just words.  A sweet song, embers; roaring heat drifting from a fire into her ear.
  2. Assertive.  A delicate, yet crude dance.  A hand wrapping around her hips and turning her front towards you.  A softness and a firmness.  Care taken whilst taking what you want.
  3. Swiftly.  A firm grip that pulls her backwards and penetrates her in a whirlwind of motion.  Footholds lost, hips a swinging fulcrum.  Vapours of a gasp disappearing in a flash of movement.  A jolt, a shake.  Sharp, sudden. piercing.
  4. Slowly, strongly.  Firm hands digging into limbs.  A tight grip pinning down wrists.  Slow, forceful movements.  Contemplative.  Deliberate.  Thumbs pressing into soft thighs.  Hips open like hinges.  Complete presence in the stillness.
  5. Painfully.  Cruel nails grinding down the sides of her ribs.  Gripping onto the bone of her hips.  Digging into the soft flesh of her waist.
  6. Animalistic.  A deep, unconscious rhythm from deep in the spine.  Rising to the surface.
  7. Lovingly.  Penetrating, a thunder of emotion crunching through the eyes.

My girl.

I look for my inspiration as I write this.  And she is right next to me.  Nude, cuddling up under thin sheets, she lies next to me.  The fabric sits atop her frame, gently betraying the light curvature of her body.  Curled up under those blankets, she seems to me a sweet, innocent angel.

Until she erupts in waves of ecstasy.

Still in the midst of her dreams, a deep aching rises to the surface.  A gasp, a hum, and her limbs dance in the grip of erotic slumber.  Her eyes shifting rapidly in her sleep.  Whispers of silent conversation.  She is fantasizing.  She is dreaming.

This is my girl.  Good god, Am I crazy about her.